Artificial Intelligence and Education: Protecting the Heritage of Humanity

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Artificial Intelligence and Education: Protecting the Heritage of Humanity

In this article in FE News written by Dan Shefet, Lawyer at the Paris Court of Appeal (France) and Anantha Duraiappah, Director, UNESCO MGIEP, and Anantha Duraiappah, Director UNESCO MGIEP, the authors raise concerns about data protection and privacy.

As students get enrolled on online platforms, the data generated about themselves of their learning is documented without much regard to privacy and accountability. 

The article draws parallels with the introduction of the Human Genome which was finally cracked in April 14, 2003 by a truly international endeavour headed up by The International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium and involving more than 20 research institutions in the US, UK, France, Japan and China.

This had significant ramifications as it could not be appropriated by private interests and it belonged to all of humanity – a commons like the air we breathe. This begs the question, should data like the genome sequence be above appropriation by private corporations? 

UNESCO declared –

The human genome underlies the fundamental unity of all members of the human family, as well as the recognition of their inherent dignity and diversity. In a symbolic sense, it is the heritage of humanity. »  and “The human genome in its natural state shall not give rise to financial gains.”

Thde article argues that it seems inevitable that the same questions should now be raised with respect to « human data » (and in particular information collected on human behaviour with regards to education)

This is a warning to us all that private data must be protected and every effort made to ensure user anonymity is preserved.