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DATE 16TH MAY 2024 FROM 14.00 -15.30 (UK TIME)




Aim: To explore the latest advancements and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in educational settings, particularly focusing on innovative initiatives and research from Irish universities. The webinar aims to provide insights into how AI is transforming both learning experiences, employer engagement, and professional development opportunities.


Examine Innovative AI Initiatives in Education:

  • Explore the innovative AI careers platform developed by the Atlantic Technological University aimed at providing career guidance, employer engagement, prior learning recognition, and open badges for individuals in local communities.
  • Discuss the impact of this platform on enhancing access to learning and work opportunities and fostering lifelong learning.

Investigate AI’s Role in Professional Development and Innovation:

  • Investigate the findings from Galway University regarding the integration of AI  innovation and professional development.
  • Analyse case studies and examples of good and/or interesting policies and practices.

Identify Opportunities and Challenges in AI Integration in Education:

  • Identify the opportunities presented by AI in transforming traditional educational paradigms and enhancing learning outcomes.
  • Discuss the challenges and ethical considerations associated with the widespread adoption of AI in educational settings, including issues related to privacy, bias, and accessibility.

Facilitate Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration:

  • Foster a collaborative environment where attendees can share their experiences, insights, and best practices related to AI integration in education.
  • Provide networking opportunities for educators, researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers to exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations in the field of AI in education.

By achieving these objectives, the webinar aims to inspire attendees to leverage the power of AI to create more inclusive, adaptive, and effective educational environments for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Deirdre Hughes is a national and international careers specialist. She is the Founding Director of CareerChat (UK) Ltd., a technology start-up company pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models, including CiCi the careers chatbot – CareerChat (UK) was established in 2022 bringing together careers, employability practitioners, service manager, researchers and policymakers to consider #AllThingsAI in a career development context. Deirdre is an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, Institute for Employment Research (IER), a legacy fellow of the Career Development Institute. She regularly hosts the dmh associates’ international webinar series.

Chris Webb is a Registered Career Development Professional, currently working in the Higher Education sector, with experience supporting the career development of students and graduates in school, college and university settings. A member of the Career Development Institute (CDI), AGCAS and the Careers Writers’ Association, Chris co-hosts the CDI’s fortnightly We Are Careers livestream, as well as publishing a popular weekly newsletter on LinkedIn, entitled #TheWeekInCareers.

Bridie Killoran is ATU Career and Learning Pathways Manager for MyCareerPath for the HCI Higher Education 4.0 Project. Managing the establishment of a Regional Service for Careers and Learning Pathways, including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for people in the workplace . She has over 18 years’ experience of managing, developing and delivering excellent outcomes for the career advisory and guidance services in higher education. Thorough understanding of national and international labour market skills and knowledge requirements sought by employers. Experienced in the design and development of career learning pathways, including employability frameworks and RPL to guide graduates and employees achieve career success and sustainable lifelong employability.

Her qualifications include:

MSc in Careers Guidance: University of Ulster, Diploma in Careers Guidance in Higher Education:  University of Reading 
B.Sc. (Management): Trinity College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology

Bridie is an accredited professional development in RPL, neurolinguistic programming, universal design in teaching and learning, facilitation, coach practitioner and other psychometric assessments. 

Contact: [email protected]

Tel: 00 353 87 9109665


Marie Laffey is the Head of the Career Development Centre at the University of Galway, situated in the west of Ireland. She leads a dedicated team of 30 career professionals, orchestrating the strategic and operational delivery of tailored career services to the university’s vast student body, numbering over 19,000. Marie is passionate about AI and how it can be employed in the delivery of career services to extend the reach to students and better prepare students for the evolving world of work.
With a rich background encompassing both academia and industry, Marie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. A graduate of UL with a BSc in Computer Science and the University of Galway with a BA in Education & Training, Marie further augmented her qualifications with a Postgraduate in Adult Guidance & Counselling from NUI Maynooth, followed by an MEd in Adult Guidance & Counselling in 2018. Committed to professional development, Marie pursued Level 1 ICF Coaching in 2019, completed a Postgraduate in Executive Leadership from TUS in 2022, and currently engages in a Postgraduate programme in AI for Professionals at the University of Galway.

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