How AI and chatbots can deliver personalised career planning

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How AI and chatbots can deliver personalised career planning

Caroline Tolond head of careers and employability at Arden University has written an article for Times Higher Education explaining how AI and Chatbots can be used yo deliver personalised career planning.

In her article she comments “A major challenge facing university careers services has always been how to deliver a service to all students without an army of staff allowing for one-to-one student engagement”

She continues “In addition to scaling back one-on-one in-person sessions, another valuable tool worth investigating is AI, specifically chatbots. …… prototype careers chatbots are starting to emerge, with organisations such as CiCi piloting them with adult clients.”

In her article Caroline espouses several advantages of using chatbots for careers advice but she emphasises “there will always be space for individual guidance where students with complex situations or specific needs are identified by careers professionals during group guidance or workshops and then referred for a one-to-one”

The full article can be viewed here