The Leaps and Bounds of CiCi – Thanks to our new software developer Andy Coates

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The Leaps and Bounds of CiCi – Thanks to our new software developer Andy Coates

We would like to introduce a new member to our CiCi team – Andy Coates, Software Developer and Programmer. Following Andy’s introduction to the project, the progress we have made in recent months has been incredible. Thus, we would like to dedicate this post to Andy as an official welcome to the team.

Andy is a freelance software developer and consultant, specialising in taking software from an initial idea through to commercially successful mass adoption. 

He has extensive experience in all the major areas of software development – gathering client requirements, team leadership, UX design, database administration, front and backend development, testing, and devops.

Andy’s recent clients include digital agencies, software companies, research organisations, and ecommerce companies.

CiCi developments so far:

  • Building a series of autocomplete components that help to speed up user entry and accuracy
  • Opening up the bot to provide information for all major towns and cities in the UK
  • Improved branding and styling of the bot
  • Improvements to how CiCi greets users and handles messages

Roadmap for CiCi:

  • Building client dashboards for the bot, showing key metrics and trends
  • Integrating third party authentication systems
  • Ability to hand-off to human advisors, including key information about a user’s interactions with the bot

The entire CiCi team is thrilled to have you on board, Andy. We hope you’ll do many more amazing works!