AI CareerChat Bot finalist in CareerTech Challenge Prize

by Angela Gerrard The CareerChat (CiCi) consortium, led by DMH Associates was selected as 1 of 20 national finalists within the NESTA CareerTech Challenge Prize, supported by the Department for Education, England. Senior consultant Prof. Graham Attwell explained the innovative chatbot, named CiCi, as a chatbot providing a personalised, guided career journey experience for adults…
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AI and social technology: A force for good in the world of work

With unemployment projected to be over 2 million, adults need quick, easy access to tailored careers information and advice. This article explores how AI and chatbot technology can help smooth the transition, even if AI elsewhere in the market is accelerating job disruption.  Authors: Deirdre Hughes, Chris Percy, Graham Attwell and George Bekiaridis – the team behind CiCi,…
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A Web-Based Approach to Measure Skill Mismatches and Skills Profiles for a Developing Country: The Case of Colombia

A recent publication in Colombia Cientifica by Alianza EFI (economia formal y incusivia) https://editorial.urosario.edu.co/pageflip/acceso-abierto/web-based_web.pdf stresses the importance of Labour market Information (LMI) and how with the proper techniques, job portals can be a robust source of labour market information. See the abstract below and click on this link to read the full article. AbstractSeveral interdisciplinary…
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